Identity Proposal for
Susquehanna Trail Animal Hospital


At STAH, we wish to:

– focus on providing compassionate, individualized care –

– provide an enriching environment for our patients, their owners, and our staff –

– foster trust in the quality of service –

Brand Purpose

We treat your pet as part of our family by providing compassionate, individualized, high-quality care.

Presenting A New Direction for STAH Identity


The icon (seen here) is meant to convey happy pets, specifically dogs and cats, enveloped in a heart. With bright, energized colors, the pets seem eager, happy, and well cared for— everything a client would want from their animals after visiting their vet.


The word mark, in conjunction with the icon, is meant to reinforce the idea of pet happiness, with the words “Susquehanna Trail Animal Hospital” curved in a smile. Giving more energy and vibrance to the logo, the loose “U” shape also suggests cradling/caring for pets.

Logo Color Variations

Advertising Samples

Shows how the identity would be used in conjunction with a positive message

The full identity, coupled with a strong message, would set STAH apart from its competitors, and set the stage for growth and expansion into other markets, as well as establish trust to expand services into the current client base.

Bright, open visuals will filter across the entire brand approach, including the website, opening up the hospital as a friendly, positive place for clients new and old. Focusing on smiles, on making clients and patients happy, will be the core of the brand. The website design (still pending) will feature large photographs, easy-to-use schedule requests, and simple forms for clients.