Nadine Curry

 Nadine Curry Client Service Representative

Nadine started working at STAH in November 2016, and has worked in the veterinary industry since 2015.  Nadine currently lives in Watsontown, is originally from White Haven, PA, and has also lived in Phoenix, AZ, and Denver, CO.  She shares her home with an adorable Yorkie mix named Brody and a playful, one-eyed cat named Jinx.

Nadine’s favorite aspect of working in the veterinary industry is “seeing the love and bonds between animals and humans”.  At STAH, she enjoys the client-service aspect of the job, and has been complemented on her friendly demeanor and her ability to not make clients feel rushed.

Nadine loves working with the wonderful doctors and staff at STAH and enjoys camping, kayaking, and reading in her spare time.

Jennifer Ward

Jennifer Ward Lead Client Service Representative and Technician

Jen has been an integral part of the STAH family since 1997, but she has worked in the veterinary industry since 1981.  Jen is originally from Maryland, and she moved to Pennsylvania in 1988 after also living in Washington, D.C.  She studied Horse Care and Stable Management at Anne Arundel Community College.  Jen shares her home with her husband and their menagerie of animals, including 3 dogs (Chihuahua, Border Collie/Aussie, and Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix), a cat, horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, and fish.

Jen’s favorite animal is the dog, and she enjoys the training/obedience aspect of veterinary medicine the most.  Her favorite aspect of working at STAH is the satisfaction of helping clients be the best pet owner they can be, and she enjoys the challenge of providing medical care to animals that aren’t able to communicate how they feel.

Outside of work, Jen loves to camp and attend music festivals.  Jen has been a friendly face of STAH for many years and looks forward to seeing the familiar clients and pets as well as welcoming the new.

Matthew Karns

Matthew Karns Client Service Representative

Matthew joined us in March 2021 but has previously worked in the veterinary industry for 24 years as kennel assistant, veterinary assistant, supervisor, and customer service. He also has worked in scheduling and customer service with Geisinger Medical Center for 4 years. Matthew lives in Bloomsburg and shares his home with Kala, a Labrador Retriever, Biscuit, a Jack Russell Terrier, and Gandy, an African Grey Parrot. Matthew’s favorite breed or dog is the Lab and Jack Russell Terrier.

Matthew chose to work with animals since he has been around animals most of his life, showed horses in 4-H as a teenager, and has owned labs his entire life. He is passionate about animals and their welfare and well-being. He feels privileged to be able to be around animals and those who care as deeply about them as he does.

His favorite aspect of working at STAH is using his skills, knowledge, and abilities gleaned in his 24 years in the veterinary field to help people and their pets. His favorite aspect of working in the veterinary industry is seeing the undeniable bond between animals and their human counterparts.

His professional interests include the human-animal bond, joint health, and cancer prevention in animals. Outside of work, Matthew enjoys photography, birding, nature study, listening to jazz, and reading. Matthew is extremely happy to be part of the STAH team, and we are just as happy to have him join our family.

Jamie Hock

Jamie Hock Technician and Client Service Representative

Jamie has been working in a veterinary hospital setting since 2013 and full-time at STAH since June 2016. Jamie began working at STAH while she was attending Penn State University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Animal Science.  Jamie has 3 dogs, named Jethro, a Cattle Dog, Addie, a Plotthound, and Gracie, a Bichon/Maltese mix .   Her favorite breed of dog is the Australian Cattle Dog.  She also has 2 cats, Oxford and Flossy.

Jamie has always felt passionately about helping animals, and she enjoys seeing how the different aspects of veterinary medicine intertwine to help them.  Her favorite aspect of working at STAH is the family-like atmosphere.  Jamie always has a smile on her face, and she also has great technical skills.  Her professional interests include client education.  In her spare time, Jamie enjoys running, baking, and visiting breweries.

Erika Kessel

Erika Kessel Technician

Erika began working at STAH in October 2016, but has worked in the veterinary industry since 1998.  She resides in Milton with her 6 dogs and 4 cats, and her favorite breed is the Great Dane.

Erika has always had a love for all types of animals since she was a child, and she enjoys being able to make pets healthy and educating their owners.  Her favorite aspect of working at STAH is the “family atmosphere”, and she particularly enjoys surgery and client education.   Erika treats every pet as if it were her own and every client as if it were her family, and she will always make sure that your pet is receiving the best care possible.  Erika also has additional certification in Fear Free training and laser therapy.

Outside of work, Erika enjoys walking her dogs and spending time with her family.  One of her favorite things to do each year is to attend the Bloomsburg Fair.

Deb Eisenhower

Deb Eisenhower Technician

Deb has worked in the veterinary field since 1998, and has been a member of the STAH team since October 2016.  She resides on a farm in New Columbia with her husband, Mark, and a wide variety of animals.  She has two daughters, Megan and Laura, and a beautiful grandson, Cayde.  She has 6 dogs, named Talia (Australian Shephard), Fluff (mixed breed), Riley (Jack Russell Terrier), Anya (Australian Shepherd), Dobby (Yorkie mix), and Midge (Jack Russell Terrier).  She also has 2 house cats, named Squee and Pongo, numerous barn cats, 4 mini horses, and chickens.

Deb has always enjoyed working with animals, but she especially loves working at STAH with the “caring, compassionate staff who all love what they do”.  When you meet Deb, you truly realize that she loves what she does through her compassionate care and excellent client education.  When asked about her favorite part of working in the veterinary industry, Deb said, “I truly enjoy meeting clients and their pets and hearing the stories that the clients tell about their pet”.  Deb looks forward to hearing your story at your next visit.

Tasha Troutman

Tasha Troutman Technician

Tasha joined the STAH team in June 2019 and has prior experience in the veterinary profession. Tasha is originally from Beavertown and currently lives in Watsontown with her husband, Kyle, Great Dane, Bailey, and cats Abner and Biscotti. Tasha’s favorite breed is the Great Dane. Her favorite aspect of working at STAH is her co-workers, and her favorite aspect of working in the veterinary industry is caring for the animals. She also enjoys the human-animal bond and client services. Her interests outside of work include spending time outdoors, spending time with her animals, and trying new restaurants. Tasha has been a great addition to our STAH family.

Lynne Pierce

Lynne Pierce Technician

Lynne joined the team of STAH in June 2019 and has worked in the veterinary industry since 2005. Lynne is from Northern New Jersey and currently lives in Bloomsburg. She has obtained certification as a therapeutic riding instructor from Centenary College in Hackettstown, New Jersey, and she is currently obtaining an associate degree at Penn Foster College to become a certified veterinary technician. Lynne shares her home with 2 dogs named Ziva, a Miniature Pinscher, and Millie, a Yorkshire Terrier, and one cat named Silly Swilly. Her favorite animals are horses, especially warmbloods, and mixed-breed dogs.

Lynne’s professional interests include the human-animal bond, surgery, dentistry, and client education. Her interests outside of work include bird watching, indoor plants (especially succulents), and music (playing piano and guitar and learning new instruments). Her favorite aspect of working at STAH is the caring and compassionate staff that has made her feel like part of the family since day one. Lynne chose to work in the veterinary field because of animals’ unconditional love and she has always had a strong bond with them. She feels “that nothing is more rewarding to see than the look on a healed animal’s face—and the owners as well.”


Kaitlynn Gordy Technician

Kaitlynn Gordy joined the STAH team in May 2021. She lives in Shamokin Dam with her fiancé, Richard, and 2 Australian Cattle Dogs, Bentley and Beau. Kaitlynn has a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Nursing and plans to take her veterinary boards to become a Certified Veterinary Technician.

Kaitlynn felt that working with animals was something she was born to do. She loves that she can make a difference in an animal’s life and get to know the animal and their owners. Her favorite aspect of working at STAH is that “everyone treats you like family right from the beginning”. Her professional interests include patient care and the human-animal bond. Outside of work, she enjoys photography, writing, and finding new television shows to watch.

Stephanie Fullmer

Stephanie Fullmer Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

Stephanie began working at STAH in January, 2017, but she has worked as a veterinary technician since 1995. She is originally from Suburban Philadelphia and currently resides in Riverside.  Stephanie received her CVT degree from Harcum College and completed an internship at the University of Pennsylvania.  She is also Fear Free Certified.

Stephanie shares her home with her husband, Mike, who is a veterinarian at STAH.  They share their home with a lab mix, Penny, and 4 cats, Duncan, Henry, Stewart, and Preston.  Steph’s favorite species are cats, and her favorite aspects of working at STAH are the “wonderful work environment and excellent standard of care”.  When asked what her favorite aspect of working in the veterinary field was, Stephanie said, “I still learn new things as medicine changes.  It’s never dull!”

Professionally, Stephanie enjoys in-hospital patient care, surgical monitoring, dentistry, client education, and blood draw/catheter placement.  Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys hiking, gardening, and bird watching, and she previously was a volunteer with Therapy Dog International (but her dog is now retired).  Stephanie brings a great attitude and technical skills to STAH, and she enjoys giving advice on volunteering with Therapy Dogs International (TDI).

Jac Carter

Jac Carter Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

Jac joined the STAH family in April 2017, and she has worked in the veterinary field since 2001.  Jac is originally from and currently lives in Catawissa.  Jac attended Wilson College where she received her CVT degree.   She shares her home with her husband and 4 mini donkeys, 1 horse, 2 goats, 10 cats, and her favorite animals are cats and horses.

Jac chose to become a veterinary technician because she has always loved animals and wanted to be involved in making their lives more comfortable.  She loves learning new aspects of veterinary medicine and greatly enjoys working with the friendly staff at STAH, where every day is different.

Her professional interests include feline behavior, and her personal interests include riding horses, gardening, and PSU football.   Jac has an exceptional ability to make you and your pet feel at ease, and we look forward to you meeting her!

Jac Carter

Autumn Pepperman Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

Autumn joined the STAH team in May 2017 but has worked in the veterinary field since 2003.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy and Animal Science from Penn State University and an Associate of Science degree in Veterinary Technology from University of Maine at Augusta.  She also has Fear Free Certification.

She resides in her family home in Unityville, PA, with her daughter, Ember, two dogs named Gatlin (German Shepherd) and Ivy (a Husky/Pittbull mix), and two cats named Dottie and Dash.

Autumn chose to work in the veterinary field because she finds it rewarding to be able to help people and their pets.  Her favorite aspect of working at STAH is developing relationships with the clients and their pets along with the other staff members.   When asked what was her favorite aspect of working in the veterinary industry, Autumn said, “being able to make the day a little better or easier for someone else.”

Autumn has always loved German Shepherds, but now she has also grown to love the Bullmastiff breed.  Her professional interests include dentistry, nutrition, behavior, and client education.  Outside of work, she enjoys dog showing, photography, and gardening.  When you meet Autumn, you can tell that she truly loves what she does, and we are very excited to have her as part of the STAH team.

Judy Phillips

Judy Phillips Patient and Facility Care

Judy has worked at STAH the longest of any staff member, starting in November, 1993. She is originally from Muncy, Pennsylvania, has lived all throughout the state, and currently resides in Watsontown. Judy is married to Wayne, and they have 3 children named Stacey, Wesley, and Travis.  Judy also shares her home with 2 dogs, named Martina and Tinkerbell, 6 cats named Jeter, Toys, Toby, Spunky, Squirt, and Alien, and 1 rabbit named Fluffy.  Judy’s favorite breed of dogs are Labs and Collies, and she also likes wild cats, especially tigers, lions, panthers, and leopards.

Judy chose to work with animals, “Because I like all kinds of animals, and they need people to help take care of them, and it gives me joy to help them.”  Her professional interests included patient care and the human-animal bond.   Judy is often working in the back of the hospital helping to care for your pets and keeping the hospital clean, and she has an uncanny ability of remember clients and their pets’ names.

When not at the hospital, Judy enjoys watching sports, especially baseball, football, and Nascar racing, and attending concerts.

Tiffany Radell

Tiffany Radel Office Manager

Tiffany has worked in the veterinary field as a technician since 2007 and joined the STAH team as office manager in September 2016, when Dr. Wilhelm purchased the practice.  Tiffany has exceptional organizational, technical, patient care, and client service skills, so you may see her in all areas of the hospital.

Tiffany is originally from Millmont, PA, and lives currently in Milton with a house-full of animals. She has 6 Yorkies named Porter, Pearl, Oliver, Moxie, Baxter, and Carly and 3 cats named Lilly, Logan, and Sawyer.  Tiffany’s favorite breed of dog, if you haven’t guessed yet, is Yorkies.

When we asked Tiffany why she choose to work with animals, she said, “I’ve always loved animals and felt that the human-animal bond was an amazing thing.  I enjoy educating clients to help nurture that connection with their pets.”  Tiffany enjoys the laid-back family-like atmosphere of Susquehanna Trail Animal Hospital and especially likes dentistry, patient care, and nutrition.  In her spare time, she also enjoys gardening, landscaping, and antiquing.

Tiffany Radell

Tayler Murphy Technician

Tayler has graduated with an undergraduate degree at the University of Findlay in Ohio with majors in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Biology and a minor in Chemistry.  She started working at STAH in June 2018 and hopes to attend veterinary school in the future. Tayler has lived most of her life in Watsontown, but she was born in Providence, Rhode Island.

Tayler’s favorite classes have been those focusing on reproduction, and her favorite aspect of working in the veterinary industry is being able to be the advocate for the animal and to help them. Tayler notes that she is pursuing a career in veterinary medicine “because animals have always brought her much joy, and she loves being able to return the favor”. Tayler’s favorite breed is the Great Dane, and she has a Great Dane Mix, named Simon, and one cat, named Piper. Tayler has a warm, welcoming personality, and we hope you get to meet her soon.

Photos by Tonya Wilhelm of Wilhelm Photography